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Saturday, July 21, 2012

India’s Expectation and Scope at London Olympics 2012

The Olympic Games trace their origins far back to the ancient games in Greece and these games evolved over time. London is hosting the 2012 Olympic Games and the preparation is on the peak. We expect a superb arrangement from the United Kingdom. The Summer Olympics is about to begin on the 27th of July 2012, Friday and will end on 12th August 2012, Sunday. The games will start-off with the ignition of the Olympic Cauldron. There will be some stunning performance by Danny Boyle and his team. The opening ceremony is named “Isles of Wonder”.

India has been a strong contender and holds a glorious record in the Olympic Games especially in men’s hockey. They won every title from 1928 to 1956 but lost to Pakistan in the final in 1960. This year 81 strong contingent from India have already arrived the host city. They reached London a bit earlier to get adopted with the environment and get a good practice session. Some of the athletes have already appointed local coaches to train them and get important tips from them about how to adjust and get good results in this weather condition.

After all these preparation and improved performance, the people of this country are a bit worried about the final results. This is due to politicized and moribund sports system in India. The athletes don’t get the highest-quality diet scientifically tailored down to the last calorie. There are problems with physiotherapist and other medical care facilities for the Indian squad. The sports equipments purchased for the sports personnel are not up to the international standard as there are no expertise committee for the procurement of these equipment. So in most of the cases, the athletes buy their own sports equipments.

We, the people of India still expect a lot from our athletes. The expectation is most for the men’s hockey team, shooter Abhivnav Bindra, boxer Vijender Singh and Kumar, archer Rahul Banerjee and others. Our best wishes are with all of them and we expect some glamorous results from them. Indian squad will rock the London Olympics and make the people of this country proud.