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Friday, April 13, 2012

Unique Android Application Empower Dada to Stay Connected During IPL

An android mobile application has been launched on the former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly that will help the skipper of the Pune Warriors in the IPL to stay connected with his fans worldwide and provide updates. This type of mobile application is the first of its kind for any cricketer. The application has latest news, pictures, tweets, videos and the scorecard of the Pune Warriors matches in the IPL.

The application has been developed by, a fan-site of the former Indian skipper, with the help of Canisrigel Research Labs. This application is made available for free download on Google Play and would soon be available on iOS for iPhone users. The site provides some details information on this unique application developed for the Pune Warriors mentor-cum-coach.

Sourav have become a trend setter in the cricket world. He is the one who introduced the sense of team spirit in the Indian Team and this was accepted by all. The software is also a unique one just for Dada. This is why Sourav is called the Best Captain of the Indian Cricket Team. We all want you to rock this IPL. Our best wishes are with you.

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